Proposed Levies

Proposed Additional and Replacement Levies for the May 3, 2022 Primary Election

Property taxes are measured in mills. One mill generates one dollar of tax for each $1,000 of a property’s assessed value.

Additional Levy - A new levy

Replacement Levy - An existing levy to be replaced at the original levy amount approved by voters before any reduction factors due to House Bill 920. Generally increases current property taxes.

Renewal Levy - An existing levy to be renewed at the current millage amount. Generally does not increase current property taxes.

Proposed Levies table sm

Steps to Calculate Real Property Tax Increase from Additional and/or Replacement Levies

Market Value (Value set by Mahoning County Auditor) x 35 % = Assessed Value (Taxable Value)      

Assessed Value ÷ 1,000 (Tax Rates are based on a taxable thousand) x Proposed Additional or Replacement Bond/Levy Amount = Yearly Gross Tax Amount before applicable reductions/credits  

Sample Calculation

Market Value                                 
Assessed Value                               
Assessed Value ÷ 1,000                   
Proposed Levy Amount in Mills         
Yearly Gross Tax Amount
   for the Proposed Levy