If You Don't Pay Your Child Support

What will happen if I just don't pay?
  • The CSEA will ask the Internal Revenue Service and State Treasury to seize your federal and state income tax funds.
  • The court may issue a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear for court. The CSEA files a contempt motion with the court for failure to pay support. The court can sentence you to jail with a fine.
  • The CSEA may feature your picture on a "Most Wanted" poster.
  • If you willfully avoid paying court ordered child support, you can be prosecuted as a felon for criminal nonsupport under the Ohio Revised Code. If convicted, you can be sentences to prison for up to 18 months for each child you did not support. Your will still owe when released.
  • Your drivers license or professional license may be revoked.
  • Your passport may be revoked.
  • Your pleasure license such as hunting or fishing may be revoked.
  • Your arrears may be submitted to a credit reporting agency.
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