Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)


The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) was established in accordance with Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, Title III of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986 passed by the US Congress (40 CFR) and chapter 3750 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The LEPC is tasked with maintaining information of hazardous substances from facilities in the jurisdiction, receive reports of releases of reportable quantities of hazardous substances, maintain the jurisdictions hazardous materials response plan, and exercise the emergency response plan annually.  The LEPC also manages any LEPC and some HAZMAT grants provided to the county.

LEPCs are required by law to meet annually, and the Mahoning County LEPC normally meets quarterly on the first Wednesday of the second month of the quarter.  Meetings are considered public body meetings and notice will be published at least 72 hours in advance of a meeting in accordance with Mahoning County’s Open Meetings Policy.  Members of the LEPC are nominated by the Board of County Commissioners and submitted to the Ohio State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for approval.   



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